To help make your child's school year a success, please have your student ready and at the appointed stop, Ten (10) minutes ahead of the pick-up schedule. Visual sighting of the students by the driver in advance of the stop assures a safe and timely pick-up. If your child needs to be picked up form another location other than your home address, please notify our office so we can make sure your child is assigned to the appropriate bus route. If you have any other questions concerning transportation, please call our office at 734-782-1418.

Bus Routes

Please click on the attached PDF files for the bus routes for the 2021-2022 school year. Please review the stop locations. Some have been changed from the previous school year. If you have any questions please contact the Transportation Department at 734-782-1418 or email [email protected]

Ferguson Early Childhood Center Bus Routes 2021-2022

Brown Elementary School Bus Routes 2021-2022

Miller Elementary School Bus Routes 2021-2022

Huron High School and Renton Junior High School Bus Routes 2021-2022

Additional Information

All the documents for Annual Reports/Plans are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is free and can be downloaded at